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Personal experiences with the diseases of HIV, TB, and malaria motivate the scientists.

As one told me:

"I think that it is important that people who are being affected are the ones who are doing the research. Because if you have seen someone suffer, you make all the effort to ensure that whatever you are doing gets out and ordinary people can benefit from it. You clearly understand the importance of doing it. Even people from other countries, they still understand, but the fact that it has affected you, you feel the strong need of intervention, the strong need of finding something that will be helpful and will be accessed in a cheaper way."

I asked: "And have you felt that impact of malaria, TB, and HIV?"

And she replied:

"Not malaria, but HIV, yes, absolutely. There are many people who have died of HIV and TB who are very close to us. Especially HIV. They always say that if you are not infected, you are affected."

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