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There are three prominent memorials to the major imperialist Cecil John Rhodes in Cape Town - far off this map in a geographic sense, but very much present in the training of the scientists.

Rhodes was a major figure in southern Africa in the late 19th century, in the intertwined fields of business, mining, and politics. Rhodes' legacy represents many things: the British colonial project in wide swaths southern Africa, belief in Anglo Saxon racial superiority, the extraction of resources, and support for university education.

Rhodes founded the first international education program: the Rhodes Scholarship, which continues to allow students from current and former British colonies to have the opportunity have the opportunity to study at his own alma mater, Oxford University in England.

In 2015, there were protests that successfully demanded the removal of the Rhodes Memorial at the heart of the University of Cape Town, as part of a broader effort for the "decolonization of education." What would it take for educational institutions to be truly free of the legacies of colonialism?

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